ENG - First English Lessons

A video course about the very first lesson with Wow!Blue, Wow!Green and Wow!Bronze

Dear Teachers,

This course contains video examples of the first English lesson of the school year using:

-Wow!Blue with 4-6 year olds in a kindergarten

- Wow!Green with 6-8 year olds in an after-school club

- Wow!Bronze with 8-10 year olds in an after-school club

These three videos have been cut from the full recordings of the lessons (Wow!Blue - 40 minutes; Wow!Green and Wow!Bronze - 45 minutes) so that you can watch the full lesson but in shortened form. The first lessons of the school year are not easy to manage - the children meet for the first time, the teacher has to assess the abilities of the students, classroom routines have to be established......but this was precisely our aim; to reflect the challenges that all teachers face at the beginning of the school year :)

Each video lesson is accompanied by a detailed description and a full lesson plan.

We hope this course will be useful and that it will make planning for your first English lessons of the year easier. We hope to reassure you that the start of the course does not have to be stressful at all, as long as you remember a few key points from your WattsEnglish Basic Training, such as using entrance/exit routines and warmers, correct implementation of the Key Learning Stages, balancing energy levels, changing activities frequently, using transitional activities and balancing repetition and variety.

Of course, you will also need enthusiasm, a big smile and lots of patience, and your first English class can be a very successful educational experience for everyone!

We wish you all the best for the new school year ahead!

The WattsEnglish Methodology Team

Your Instructor

Michaela Pavlatova
Michaela Pavlatova

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  First English lessons with Wow!Blue
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  First English lessons with Wow!Green
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  First English lessons with Wow!Bronze
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